Photographer Q&A #1

I'm going to start doing these small Q&A's with various photographers. Topics will range from tech, business, personal life, etc. Feel free to reach out to any of these people as well and let them know what you think about their responses.

Question: Do you see yourself without photography? If so how would your life be different?

(left photo artist / right photo example of their work)

Marc Mangra

(Insta: @marcmangra /

Seeing myself without photography is a frightening ordeal. Without it means I would have never enjoyed the experiences I’ve been so lucky to have received. The thing is, photography is the reason for helping me get out of a mental hole that made me distance myself from any and everything. It forced me to go outside and meet new people and see new opportunities. One of the most important aspects of it all was to teach me why I was always noticing moments, colors and lines and why it was so important. Being able to document people’s stories has helped me tell my own.

Dave Crawford

(Insta: @loudand_clear, 

At this point in my life, no. I got my first camera when I was 12 and I haven’t stopped since. It’s a major component of happiness in my life and often, therapeutic. Sometimes I can tell how I truly feel by looking at my edits. It’s always been a direct representation of my inner voice.

Artimio Black

(Insta: /

Honestly no. Photography has forever changed how I view my normal life. When something catches my eye my first thoughts are woah I’ve got to shoot this. If photography wasn’t a part of my life though I definitely think I’d be an actor. I have no doubts that I’d eventually get into photography even then.